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Product Name:WDP4 & WDG4 Locomotive
Uploaded By:Bharat Stream Officials
Product Category:Locomotive
Loco Type:Diesel
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Product Version:v9.00
TS Game Name:BS WDP4, WDG4
TS Main Categoy:Scenario Tools
TS Sub Category:Engine & Tenders
Dependency ID:None!
Product Information:WDP4/WDG4 Locomotive

******* Updates v9.0 ********
Re-modeled and New Texture
Cabin view added with Animations
Dual Horn
3 New Repaints added
Night Flare Headlights
Weather Effect Glass

Note: No any extra charge will be charged if any update will be available for product id (which you have aready purchased) until [FINAL VERSION]
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File Size:36.2 MB
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profileSantosh Kharwar - 2 months ago
Engine wdp4
profilemari muthu - 3 months ago
increase the speed to 180km/h sir plz
profileB Bennu - 6 months ago
How to play sir plzzz reply
profileB Bennu - 6 months ago
How to play sir plzzz reply
profileshankar N - 7 months ago
Please add all sheds to these locos as you made in wdp4d loco please visva ji
profileULHAS SHENOY - 7 months ago
Plz add wdp4d
profilemadan ngh - 9 months ago
bhai please update accleration and horn of wdg 4
profileRupjyoti Mekar - 9 months ago
purschased WDG4 on 14/2/2019. Tested on 15km track n find out its speed (16LHB coaches@129kmph), (30BOX-wagons@119kmph). its not working like a real WDG4 4500hp-160kmph. please fix it quickly. i hv paid for this.
profileZaheer Ahmad - 10 months ago
Make one day is big big offer day means in this offer all indian addons 70-80%off. My request is make this is 6th may 2019 (Monday )please bharat stream please please please please please please please please please please please reply sir. . . .
profileRupjyoti Mekar - 10 months ago
i want T18
profileJerin George - 11 months ago
Please Accept my Request!
profileIndian Train Simulation Gameplays - 11 months ago
Please accept my request
profileabhay maan - 11 months ago
profileabhay maan - 1 year ago
profileIndian Train Simulation Gameplays - 1 year ago
Where to get transaction id?sorry for invalid id
profileIndian Train Simulation Gameplays - 1 year ago
Plzzz accept the request
profilesanjayan k - 1 year ago
Please make all the mods free.I'm a big fan of you
profileNagaraju Raju - 1 year ago
I need ur happiness
profileSudipto Chakraborty - 1 year ago
The sound of the the wdp4 n wdg4 r not realistic n their horn n bell too....plzz try to solve this prblm soon ...
profileNikhil Soni - 1 year ago
FIx the horn sound as well. It seems cracky.