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Product Name:LHB Tejas Express coach pack First AC & Generator Car
Uploaded By:Bharat Stream Officials
Product Category:Coach
Product Price:200 Rs/-
Product Version:v4.00
TS Game Name:IR LHB Tejas (Original)
TS Main Categoy:Scenario Tools
TS Sub Category:Rolling Stock
Dependency ID:None!
Product Information:Tejas Express LHB coachs
First AC Chair Car (1)
Luggage Brake & Generator Car (1)

Passenger view updated
Coach Sound Improvement
Note: No any extra charge will be charged if any update will be available for product id (which you have aready purchased) until [FINAL VERSION]
Total Views:8924 views
File Size:24.71 MB
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profileDark Prince - 2 months ago
@anuj gaur really
profileAnuj Gaur - 3 months ago
I will upload it for free but I am making now when it will be done I will upload
profileSathiya K - 9 months ago
brother make wap5 as same as wap4 inside view i need that one
profilekrupa bhatye - 10 months ago
plz make it free
profileDipak Dutta - 1 year ago
Free purches
profileAakash Sharma - 1 year ago
bhai rwp file install to kr li lekin loco show nhi ho rhi game me?
profilemahi dhar - 1 year ago
Naya routes hai kya Mere pas kuch locos and coaches can I add in this site
profilePrajwalmahure - 1 year ago
How to download free
profileBharat Stream Officials - 2 years ago
@ayyanar savaripazham don't wait too much time after page load. or reload page to working.
profileayyanar savaripazham - 2 years ago
it says link expired
profilesusmita ghosh - 2 years ago
Satabdi express Link???
profileBharat Stream Officials - 2 years ago
@Utm yes bro
profileUtm - 2 years ago
Vishvajeet can you make indian route for ts
profileshadab shaikh - 2 years ago
profileBharat Stream Officials - 2 years ago
@binod kumar currently no
profilebinod kumar - 2 years ago
Indian route nahi hai kya
profileBharat Stream Officials - 2 years ago
If i will set 100 for this add-on then no passenger view will be release, and no any updates.
profilevinay kumar - 2 years ago
because no Passenger are not journey at Train its provide updated after
profilevinay kumar - 2 years ago
Vishvajeet Ji kindly do it is Rs 100/- its Best Option
profileIndra Sudharsan - 2 years ago
Vishvajeet this @Rohan Kumar is a funny because he could not open his eyes and see that indian train adding are here only and the rupees also he can't see