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Product Name:WDM 3A Locomotive - Free Version
Uploaded By:Bharat Stream Officials
Product Category:Locomotive
Loco Type:Diesel
Product Price:Free!!
Product Version:Final Version.
TS Game Name:BS WDM-3A Ludhiana
TS Main Categoy:Scenario Tools
TS Sub Category:Engine & Tenders
Dependency ID:None!
Product Information:WDM-3A Locomotive Free Version
No any new update for this product id
[FINAL VERSION] Note: This is the final version of this product ID, No any update will be come for this Product ID.
Total Views:16788 views
File Size:15.72 MB
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profileNavneet Dhangar - 4 days ago
sir, Railworks folder is not getting downloaded in my laptop what should i do now?? pls help me sir
profileJayesh B Indian Railways Game MSTS / Railworks TRS - 2 months ago
Guys, this is not for mobiles Request you to first research this website then ask. Have seen some funny comments in past too. Installed the game on phone but unable to see this loco or coach, how to install? Cmon guys, this is PC / XBOX / PS4 Game.
profileKuwar Singh - 2 months ago
Game start kaise Kare Mobile me
profileRahul Saroj - 6 months ago
Sir mere phone me bharat stream install karna ha to kese karo
profilepatel parth - 10 months ago
profileArun Kumar - 11 months ago
nice game
profileHasibul Mallik - 1 year ago
Not downlloading
profileBhart Mittal - 1 year ago
I have installed these addons using BharatStream.exe but they are not showing in the game. What is the problem?
profileBharat Stream Officials - 1 year ago
@AMAN DUBEY please check your computer Date & time, it should be correct
profileAMAN DUBEY - 1 year ago
i did all things like your video but when i install the addons form bharatstream.exe then it says unable to install addons
profileAditya Sunani - 1 year ago
One more thing, it's graphics also needs to be improve. Because inside the locomotive, it doesn't look nice, it doesn't have controls. So this is a humble request to you that fix the entire thing....
profileAditya Sunani - 1 year ago
Bro, i guess this WDM 3A Locomotive also needs to be improve, because it's sound literally annoying.....
profileAjay Mani Tripathi - 1 year ago
profileIndian Train Simulation Gameplays - 1 year ago
Paytm not working
profileashrith sharma - 1 year ago
how to download this game
profileSayandeep Nayak - 1 year ago
It shows link expired.
profileBharat Stream Officials - 1 year ago
@vaibhav goyal Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIlJVq7hcDU
profilevaibhav goyal - 1 year ago
Sir how can i add in TS2018 i try many time but kuch ni ho raha hai pls share a simple video jisme starting se sab kuch ho
profileJoheb Ahmed - 1 year ago
why its written link is expired?
profileHEMANT GUPTA - 1 year ago
its showing on TS 2018 plz hlp