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Product Name:WDM-3D Locomotive in 19 Liveries Variant #1
Uploaded By:Bharat Stream Officials
Product Category:Locomotive
Loco Type:Diesel
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Product Version:v9.00
TS Game Name:BS WDM 3D *
TS Main Categoy:Scenario Tools
TS Sub Category:Engine & Tenders
Dependency ID:None!
Product Information:WDM-3D (ALCO DL560C) 3300 hp engine
1) Ludhiana
2) Kalyan TriColor & Orange
3) Pune Orange
4) Lucknow Purple
5) Vatva
6) TKD Cheetah
7) Gonda
8) IzzatNagar
9) 2 Custom BSC1 & Light Gray
10) Bondamumda
11) Erode
12) Gooty
13) Itarsi
14) Jhansi
15) Katni
16) Patratu
17) Samastipur

********** v9.0 Update *********
Everything new
New Horn (Space), Bell (B) and Sander (X).
Improved Engine Sound
Added Locos for AI
AI Locos can blow horn
Note: No any extra charge will be charged if any update will be available for product id (which you have aready purchased) until [FINAL VERSION]
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File Size:811.32 MB
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profileJayesh B Indian Railways Game MSTS / Railworks TRS - 14 minutes ago
Bhawani Bro, I understand your concern, however there are many many players who have purchased from him and appreciate his work. By saying very high cost or costly, you're not appreciating his hard work to be honest. Its something which you're unable to afford. Don't mind my words, but if you check with someone who can afford, ask him. They will say, its worth and more updates will come in future with great features, on that day, you'll say its very cheap.
profileJayesh B Indian Railways Game MSTS / Railworks TRS - 16 minutes ago
Indian simulator gameplay bro, I downloaded on the date of release, it was more than 500 MB, and to be honest, it was very fast download. May be when you downloaded, server was loaded with many download traffic.
profileJayesh B Indian Railways Game MSTS / Railworks TRS - 17 minutes ago
Hi Ajith bro, yes that shed along with others are coming soon. Till then wish you enjoy the existing ones. Soon your requested ones will be uploaded. Help the owner by highlighting any errors or suggestions you feel.
profileParav - 5 hours ago
Sir, can I pay using Google Pay...if not then please add it in buying option. Coz I've Google Pay only. Please accept my request. Your addons are marvellous so I am requesting for this option
profileAjith Gowda - 12 hours ago
Sir plz make krisharajapuram shed livery
profileShubham gurjar - 1 week ago
Sander Horn Not Working When i press "x" For Sander Working only when i press In Engine Cabview Button...
profileIndian Train Simulation Gameplays - 1 week ago
Very slow download, with good connection!!
profileSai Sanad - 3 weeks ago
waiting for new updates
profileChetan Meena - 1 month ago
Plz add lights in cabin and also in guages
profileSUJEET KUMAR - 2 months ago
Sir my request accept please sir
profileSUJEET KUMAR - 2 months ago
Sir buy kase kare help kare
profileBhawani singh Inda - 7 months ago
Hii...Bharat Stream I am a big fan of Indian Railways... And wanted to play these game with Indian Addons but the cost is so high...Please Can you reduce the charge of all addons Please...For a Indian railways Fan...😊😊
profileAJAY MS - 7 months ago
bro update this...plz
profilealberto melero - 7 months ago
Hi I cant purchase it.........the page dont work
profileJay Asole - 8 months ago
For those who are saying give it free. It's not possible guys. They've been working hard to create this content. And could they give you those content for free.
profileBharat Stream Officials - 10 months ago
@Kisnekahdiya terko Mere contents free users ke liye nahi hai, mere addons ko share karne wale "dayalu log" jyada der apne BS account chala nahi paate hai.
profileKisnekahdiya terko - 10 months ago
Free karde bhai, warna or dayalu log market me aa jaaenge lol or in sabko free me upload krdenge or tu dekhta rh jaaega
profileRupjyoti Mekar - 11 months ago
please make old wdm3A/D n old all ICF rakes free bcoz they r ageing, Now IR replacing ICF with LHBs n bringing new powerfull locos.
profileIndian Train Simulation Gameplays - 1 year ago
Please release 1 wdm3d for free please
profileAyush Singh - 1 year ago
sir paytm k alawa koi dusra payment app say buy kar k download nai kar saktay.