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Product Name:Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit (MEMU)
Uploaded By:Bharat Stream Officials
Product Category:Locomotive
Loco Type:Electric
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Product Version:v5.00
TS Game Name:BS MEMU *
TS Main Categoy:Scenario Tools
TS Sub Category:Engine & Tenders
Dependency ID:None!
Product Information:Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit (MEMU)
1 Motor Coach (Without Cabin)
1 Passenger Coach WV (Window View)
1 Passenger Coach DV (Door View)

******* Update v2.0 *******
Engine & Motor sound improved
Panto graph Up/Down sound added
Engine Max speed is reduced to 120km/h

******* Update v3.0 *******
Cabin view added with Working Controls
Wagon sound improvement.

******* Update v4.0 *******
Panto graph fixed for AI trains
Horn Sound Improved

******* Update v5.0 *******
FPS lose fixed, Separate Motor car added for AI
Install from mods section to fix wheel bogie texture
Note: No any extra charge will be charged if any update will be available for product id (which you have aready purchased) until [FINAL VERSION]
Total Views:8684 views
File Size:65.75 MB
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profileAndres Murdvee - 3 months ago
please make this free, i want it soo bad, but i have to wait for the day that i get paid!! >:(
profiles sugumaran - 3 months ago
faild to load scenario
profilesayan debnath - 5 months ago
please lower the @price
profileULHAS SHENOY - 5 months ago
Please add Mumbai emu local to
profileAndres Murdvee - 5 months ago
pls make this cost less for a month and more players will get this! understand?
profileMattaparthi Satya vardhan - 6 months ago
How to download please tell me
profilesushant anjarlekar - 6 months ago
Plz free download
profilegodson ben - 6 months ago
please free all addon
profilesayan debnath - 6 months ago
bohot dino se koi offer nehi diya?holi pe vi nahi
profileVinit Desai - 7 months ago
EMU & DEMU Coaches
profilegodson ben - 7 months ago
plz free all the addon
profilesayan debnath - 7 months ago
make the price cheaper.then i will buy
profileRupjyoti Mekar - 7 months ago
i want DEMU for NFR zone.
profilegontse maite - 10 months ago
profilebitwa singh - 10 months ago
pls make free indian routes
profileYoyo Yoyo - 11 months ago
profilesayan debnath - 11 months ago
very costly
profileGaurav Nayak - 1 year ago
Please make free indian routes
profileHarsha - 1 year ago
plz Free downlod
profileHarsha - 1 year ago
plzz free downlod don