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Product Name:ICF rakes pack 1 | AC 3 Tier, 2S, SL, SLR & AC 2 Tier
Uploaded By:Bharat Stream Officials
Product Category:Coach
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Product Version:v9.00
TS Game Name:BS ICF *
TS Main Categoy:Scenario Tools
TS Sub Category:Rolling Stock
Dependency ID:None!
Product Information:5 ICF rakes
AC 3 Tier (6 colors)
AC 2 Tier (5 Colors & Small and Wide window)
General (3 colors and closed windows)
SLR (3 colors with closed windows and different style)
Sleeper (5 colors and closed windows)
ICF rakes sound improvements
-----------------Updates v9.0--------------
Coach Sound Improvement
Remodeled and New Texture
Rajdhani, Army & Garibrath coaches added
Interior Added in General, Sleeper & SLR coaches
Interior Added in AC 2 Tier & AC 3 Tier coaches
All ICF rakes added as Object to show Derailments.
Note: No any extra charge will be charged if any update will be available for product id (which you have aready purchased) until [FINAL VERSION]
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File Size:585.05 MB
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profilepiyush goyal02 - 1 day ago
Please reduce the price, its very costly for poor people like me... Please reduce atleast Rs100 (that is 500 - 100 = Rs400)... Bharat Stream- Please reply to me whether you agrees/disagrees with my comment...
profileRAKESH SETHU N P - 5 months ago
Hi bro , I bought this pack . it is not downloading . So slow and getting failed everytime . please help and reply .
profileAmeen Nasooh - 5 months ago
Hey how to download coaches, root, locomotives
profileKAUSHALYA DEVI - 7 months ago
Light inside coach not glowing up at night
profileAnurag Saral - 8 months ago
Your designs are so good
profileIndian Train Simulation Gameplays - 8 months ago
Unable to download the file from server plz help
profileIndian Train Simulation Gameplays - 8 months ago
Very slow download
profiletanuj kumar - 9 months ago
Meri payment ho gayi par pack nhi mila mujhe kuch to do ya to route ya phir coach
profiletanuj kumar - 9 months ago
Meri payment ho gayi par pack nhi mila mujhe kuch to do ya to route ya phir coach
profiletanuj kumar - 9 months ago
Iske rate kam karo
profileGourav Mourya - 9 months ago
sir i m not able to find routes and sceneries
profileBharat Sharma - 9 months ago
Pls give WDP4D AND WDG 5.......
profileDushayant Pratap Singh - 9 months ago
On free app please
profileSrijit Pillai - 10 months ago
When do you add the interior view of Rajdhani Expreess, Army and Garibrath Express and also the of the AC Coaches of ICF Coaches.
profileTAHA SALEH - 10 months ago
Sir, can we expect ICF pantry car in next update?
profileTAHA SALEH - 10 months ago
profileBharat Stream Officials - 10 months ago
@TAHA SALEH Garibrath AC 3 Tier, Rajdhani AC 3 Tier, AC 2 Tier are included in this Pack because they are Repaints of ICF Rakes, If you want Pantry Car & EOG then see Product ID: 15
profileTAHA SALEH - 10 months ago
Sir, are all the garib rath and old rajdhani coaches are available in this pack, bcoz it's a bit confusing to buy this pack or the old rajdhani icf with garib rath or to buy this one? Plz help.....
profileAkash Dayal - 10 months ago
every coach's wheels are small in comparison of real, windows and wheels size looks equal, it should be greater than the gate's width.
profileIndian Train Simulation Gameplays - 10 months ago
Plz reduce the price