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Product Name:WAP4 Locomotive
Uploaded By:Bharat Stream Officials
Product Category:Locomotive
Loco Type:Electric
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Product Version:v9.00
TS Game Name:BS WAP 4 **
TS Main Categoy:Scenario Tools
TS Sub Category:Engine & Tenders
Dependency ID:None!
Product Information:WAP-4 Ludhiana
WAP-4 Military SP
WAP-4 Digital India
5060 HP Engine

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File Size:40.95 MB
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profilekinshuk jain - 1 month ago
pleasemakeit free
profileRobin David - 5 months ago
How to download
profileAndres Murdvee - 5 months ago
this is what the WAP-7 and WAG-9 loco addon for free should have: a cab view!: https://bharatstream.com/tsaddons/viewImage.php?pid=9&idt=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__&ip=
profileRevanth Rac - 6 months ago
Hi, Please add Bright red skin on Wap4 Locomotive Please. Also a Nose Headlamp Wap4 ...Thanks
profileAnoj Sarkar - 6 months ago
sir make a new route sir please
profileRevanth Rac - 7 months ago
Hi, if possible, please add a bright red skin Wap4, or a Wap4 locomotive with headlamp on nose... Thanks
profileGamer&technology - 9 months ago
There is no cab light please provide a cab light for it bharat stream
profilegodson ben - 10 months ago
plaese free the addon sir please
profileToyyab Pasha - 10 months ago
Is aap ko download kese are
profileshoaib anwar - 10 months ago
Make it free sir I beg
profileTejas Bhujbal - 11 months ago
Please games is free
profilevyshakh v.p - 11 months ago
sir plz give it free i beg you sir
profileAV GAME WORLD - 1 year ago
sir please make one WAP 1 Version please
profileMohan N - 1 year ago
Please update the Headlights beam of Loco's, light projection not looks real. other then the model is perfect.
profileHarpreet Kaur - 1 year ago
thanks to bring Indian Addons.
profileHarpreet Kaur - 1 year ago
Hello! Sir i am new here, i am surprised to see your talent that you are working on Indian locomotives.
profileAV GAME WORLD - 1 year ago
bro wap 1 is coming on later on update or remove it forever ?
profileIRF SDA - 1 year ago
Little bit costly. Rs 100-200 would have been better.
profileBharat Stream Officials - 1 year ago
@hari iyer WAP4 & WAP1 have 150 km/h Max speed
profilehari iyer - 1 year ago
Vishva increase the speed of wap 4 and wap 1 loco Its max speed is 84....